The Earth is flat: some reflexions


"La terra és plana
i a vegades sembla
que se l'emporta el vent."

"La tierra es plana
y a veces parece
que se la lleva el viento."

"The earth is flat
and sometimes it seems
which is carried by the wind.

In recent years, different thinkers are obstinate in making the people believe again that we live in a flat world and that we are dedicated to surfing in it. They say that we are sub- jected to a neoliberal hegemony where, for example, “artists [workers] are forced to obtain short-term results and avoid risks whenever possible. In the free market - which is also the institution” 1.

1 Gielen, P. (2014). El murmullo de la multitud artística. Arte global, política y post- fordismo. Madrid: Brumaria. p. 132


190 cm x 45 diameter cm. (2017)



"The soldiers" / "Els soldats"





"Mom, I'm wanna be solid"


Mom, Im wanna be solid