Netwear ---->(wip)


"La organización en red se basa en la pluralidad constante de sus elementos y sus redes de comunicación, de tal manera que no es posible la redicción a una estructura de mando centralizada y unificada. (...) Producen directamente nuevas subjetividades y nuevas formas de vida."

"Network organization is based on the constant plurality of its elements and its communication networks, in such a way that rediction to a centralized and unified command structure is not possible. (...) They directly produce new subjectivities and new forms of life."

Hard M. y Negri A., 'Multitud. War and democracy in the age of empire.'


Netwear is a proposal on network fragility. This artistic investigation is a transversal approach to social media and other network engines, like mechanics of promotion and tools, which give value to the animal laborans.

This project will investigate how the social pressure transforms us into an object of the repressive liberalism requests. To this, we will look how the creative class —eternally precarious— is a direct example of how the network is a control mechanism that is running through the idea that we have of work. And, in fact, how this could affect to the daily life and, directly, at the bodies.